Who is Penguiniel?! A character from “Angel Sanctuary” that you’ve forgotten?! Or an unfortunate elf from “Lord of the Rings” that you never knew?!


No, Penguiniel is the guardian angel of scanlators, and Aerandria in particular! After all, the long history of the fascinating and mystic land of Aerandria has its own goddesses, demon lords, natural forces, pirate invasions, smut ant infestations and cute babies, so it was high time it had its very own angel!

Under Penguiniel’s stern eye and loving wings, the staffers of Aerandria will come to rant like crazy make their confessions on what makes them angry or happy or sad or simply tired during the long, hard process of scanlating your favorite mangas.

And if you offer Penguiniel enough prayers and cookies (especially cookies!), maybe it will drop a few spoilers from Aerandria’s upcoming releases. ^^

5 thoughts on “Penguiniel?!

  1. imaai says:

    Haha, this is awesome! I really like the idea, since it’s good to know what you guys have been up to and I’m loving the spoilers of your upcoming series already, they’re all good! (:

  2. agua says:

    Well, really, i just love Penguiniel <3, It so cute!

  3. cay says:

    this is great thanks for setting it up

  4. Yasmine says:

    *hands over a cookie and pats your heads smilingly*
    Great idea for creating this website, it’s nice to know what you guys think sometimes ! : D

  5. gilgamesh says:

    ’tis so cute ( ‘3’) <3

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